Tania Rivilis

Tania Rivilis (b. 1986)
In 2012 she moved from Russia to Germany, where she began painting at the age of 27. Only one year after she had her first solo show in Dortmund (Germany) and Bochum (Germany).

Tania’s works range from classical to modern expressive style, both in painting and graphics. For several years of working with painting and graphics Tania Rivilis held exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands (the Art Gallery Rozendaal) and Russia.

In November 2017 Tania Rivilis had an exhibition of portraits of the royal Romanov family in Astoria Hotel, St. Petersburg, after which all works were purchased by the famous Russian jeweler Peter Aksenovand two state museums of St. Petersburg (Vladimirskiy Palace and Marble Palace, St. Petersburg).

Also her 6 portraits of Emperors of Russia can also be seen in the Ball Hall of Astoria Hotel (Rocco Forte Hotels) – they we purchased by the Astoria Hotel specially for this room.

Strating from 2017 Tania is specializing on Romanov family portraits. Her portrait of Nikolai Romanov is in possession of Bishop Seraphim – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Peterhof, Vicar of the St. Petersburg Diocese.
At this moment she works on big portrait group of Romanov Family „The last Imperial Dynasty“ (graphite on transparent paper) for famous fashion designer Lee Paton (London, UK).

Tania Rivilis currently works and resides in Aachen, Germany.

Klassische Kunst, Malerei, Zeichnungen

Tania Rivilis Atelier

Bergstrasse 35
52134 Herzogenrath
Tel . 01511 8535 383
Mail info@tr-artwork.com


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